The IPS e.max Guarantee

The IPS e.max guarantee
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Trust Builds Confidence 15 Years, 150 Million Restorations*, 96% Survival Rate**

Our new 10 year-guarantee gives both dentists and dental technicians peace of mind, regardless of the IPS e.max products used, in which combination they were used, and whether they will be used in the future or were used 5 years ago.

We have complete confidence in IPS e.max! We would like to share this confidence with you and give you peace of mind when you use this product!

What we guarantee for you

The IPS e.max guarantee is eligible for all restorations made out of:
- IPS e.max CAD
- IPS e.max ZirCAD
- IPS e.max Press
- IPS e.max Ceram
In the event that correctly fabricated restorations made with any of these materials have to be replaced due to a defect in the material (e.g. fracture or chipping) within a 10-year period, the guarantee will come into effect 5 years retroactively.
The laboratory will receive a once-off reimbursement or a replacement for the product, while the practitioner will be reimbursed for the replacement or repair of work previously accomplished.

Download the full terms & conditions and a list of applicable countries here

Your trust. Our promise.

Dentists, dental technicians and patients have relied on IPS e.max for many years. By choosing IPS e.max materials you are making the right choice, because these materials have proven their long-lasting clinical performance on a daily basis1.

Our promise to you, the dentist and dental technician, is that you can trust IPS e.max to provide high customer satisfaction and excellent clinical results2.

We Guarantee it.

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Initiate Claim Below

If you would like to initiate an e.max guarantee claim, please send an email to and you will be contacted within 5 business days to assist you with the guarantee reimbursement process.

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